If you’re interested in paying for coffee with Bitcoin (and saving 5% on your purchase!) but you aren’t sure how, then use this tutorial to guide you through the process step by step.

Initial steps/requirements – In order to complete the process I recommend you download a Bitcoin wallet and load it with funds. This tutorial will use Strike. Strike is an application very similar to Venmo, Zelle, or CashApp with one key difference – Strike uses Bitcoin’s Lightning Network to send funds peer to peer. Simply download the Strike app, link it to your bank account, and load some money into your strike wallet (load enough to cover the purchase of coffee). NOTE: You will NOT need to purchase bitcoin through Strike, instead Strike will automatically convert your USD to BTC when the transaction is processed.

STEP 1 – Load your cart with desired goods and select ‘Pay with Bitcoin: on-chain or with Lightning (5% off)’

Payment Screen selection

STEP 2 – When the invoice loads, select the ‘Lightning’ option at the top

Select ‘Lightning’ on the invoice page.

STEP 3 – Beneath the QR code you will find the invoice code, click on it to ‘Copy’ the contents to your clipboard.

Copy the invoice details

STEP 4 – Open the Strike app and select ‘Pay’ at the bottom of the screen.

Open Strike and select ‘Pay’

STEP 5 – In the upper right hand corner of the screen select the little QR icon.

Select QR icon

STEP 6 – Select ‘Paste’. This will paste the invoice that you copied in step 3 and will take you to a confirmation page.

Select the ‘Paste’ option

STEP 7 – Select ‘Confirm’ to complete the payment.

Select ‘Confirm’


The steps above are used to illustrate a check-out procedure when using your smart phone. If checking out using a computer then for step 6 simply scan the QR code from your computer screen.

Please reach out if you have any questions! info@breakawayroasters.com